Total Body Imaging Can Help Detect Malignant Melanoma in People at High Risk

dermagraphix mole mapping with ai technology

Are you at high risk for developing melanoma? While some risk factors, like ultraviolet light exposure, can be controlled, others like family history and genetics cannot. It’s important to be aware of the risk factors for melanoma, because you may be able to change your behaviors to minimize your risk. Regular full body checks with your dermatologist will help you understand your risk factors and identify any concerning moles as early as possible, when they are easier to remove and treat.  If you happen to be a patient at higher risk for melanoma, you may benefit from mole mapping. 


dermagraphix mole mapping

DermaGraphix Mole Mapping with AI Technology

In an effort to help all of our patients who are at high or low risk of developing melanoma, we’ve invested in the DermaGraphix Mole Mapping with Artificial Intelligence Tracking Analysis, which allows for the earlier detection and treatment of melanoma, and helps to minimize unnecessary biopsies. 

DermaGraphix mole mapping and tracking analysis uses a high-resolution, professional, digital SLR camera, advanced software and whole body photography to map a patient’s entire skin surface, creating a photographic baseline. At follow up visits, artificial intelligence is then utilized as a way to accurately identify any change in the size, color and shape of lesions, as well as document any new lesions.

In addition, this system has an attached dermatoscope, which allows our team of board-certified dermatologists to visualize and photograph individual moles using magnification and polarized light to better detect subtle changes in these moles and patterns that could be consistent with melanomas.

dermagraphix mole mapping

Total Body Imaging

A recent study by Australian researchers found that “regular skin surveillance using total body imaging was helpful for picking up malignant melanomas in high risk people.” In the study, which involved 593 adults, “a structured surveillance program involving total-body photography and sequential digital dermoscopy imaging every six months identified 171 new cases of melanoma during a nearly 3-year follow-up.”


Only Private Practice in Florida

DermaGraphix is the most innovative mole mapping system available and our team of specialists  more easily spot new moles and track changes in patients’ existing  moles, which is one of the possible early signs of melanoma. We are the only private practice in Florida, and the entire Southeast United States, to have this DermaGraphix with Artificial Intelligence Technology, and offer this option to our patients at our offices in Boynton Beach and Boca Raton, Fla. 


If you have concerns about developing melanoma, have a mole that is worrying you, or would just like a thorough full body skin exam, we are here to help. Please schedule an appointment today so that we can address your concerns and provide you with the best skincare options for you!