Skin Rejuvenating Treatments That Offer Minimal Investment & Maximum Results

skin rejuvenating treatments

When we think of procedures that can transform our appearance, we often think it’s going to involve lots of cash.

A face lift, a full-face laser resurfacing, or multiple syringes of filler can dramatically change how we look. However, they can also dramatically change the look of our wallet; and rightly so!

All of these procedures are transformational with relatively long-lasting benefits. However, there are some “small tweak” procedures and skin rejuvenating treatments that deliver huge benefits; especially when it’s a long-time personal concern or problem.

BOTOX® & Dysport®

We have all heard of the benefits of Botox® to temporarily eliminate muscle movements that cause wrinkles on the upper face. But did you know that small amounts of Botox® or Dysport® can also make a big impact on the lower face?

Botox® in the chin can smooth out the dimpling effect we get as we age—the “orange peel” look! Botox® in the corners of the mouth (DAO muscles) can lift a downturned mouth that gives us that “sad” look. If injected on the sides of the nose, (“bunny nose”) it can get rid of aging lines in that area. Botox® can also be injected to relieve TMJ, giving the face a softer look.

What about a “gummy smile”? Botox® can lower the upper lip slightly to eliminate that look as well. And finally, the most popular use of tiny amounts of Botox®, the “lip flip”! This is when small amounts of Botox® are injected in the upper lip to give it a fuller, pouty look.

All of the above uses of Botox® cost very little for what can be a life changing improvement!

Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair is one of those issues we rarely discuss with our friends. When you are young, it’s devastating; when you are older, it’s embarrassing.

Electrolysis is an affordable option for smaller areas of hair growth. Another benefit is that electrolysis is effective on all hair types and hair colors. (Laser hair removal only works on darker hair colors). Again, a small amount of cash for the elimination of an unsightly problem.

Think about removal of hair on the top lip or the chin (Hello, hormones!). Electrolysis can also clean up the stray hairs under your brows permanently. It can be used on Men to eliminate hair in the nose and the ears that can be a telltale sign of the aging process.


If you want incredibly smooth facial skin and temporary removal of dead skin cells and “baby hairs” on the face, Dermaplaning is the skin rejuvenating treatment for you.

Dermaplaning is the use of a surgical blade to exfoliate skin and vellus (fine) hairs located on the face. This gives facial skin a glass-like finish and allows for a beautiful makeup-free face, or the perfect canvas for foundation. Again, a small expenditure for a big gain!

Skin Changing Products

Lastly, I would like to discuss a few skin changing treatment products that yield phenomenal results for very little investment.


Retin-A would be my first recommendation to make a huge difference in your skin. Using a small amount of Retin-A nightly gives you glowing skin after just a few months of use. It will also minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum is another transformational product for facial skin. It will help with discoloration and add brightness to the skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that also helps your skin to fight off environmental damage.


Of course, it goes without saying that regular use of sunblock is the most important step in your skincare regimen.

Sun damage is the single most aging look to the skin. Brown spots, wrinkles, sagging and broken blood vessels are all side effects of sun exposure. Please add this simple step to your routine! Sunscreen is cost-effective and the new formulations feel amazing.

Siperstein Dermatology sun protection products can give your skin a glow, a tint, or a matte finish depending on the formulation you choose!

Skin Rejuvenating Treatments In Boca Raton & Boynton Beach

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