Siperstein Dermatology Group Offers South Florida’s Only DermaGraphix Digital Mole Mapping and Artificial Intelligence Tracking Analysis

dermagraphix mole mapping

State-of-the-art technology allows for dermatologists to track and spot moles that could lead to melanoma

Siperstein Dermatology Group now provides the DermaGraphix digital mole mapping and artificial intelligence tracking analysis that allows for the earlier detection and treatment of melanoma, and with fewer biopsies. Siperstein Dermatology Group (Boca Raton and Boynton Beach Florida) has always been on the forefront of medical technology. The group prides themselves on always having the most up-to-date systems and new technology to help patients. Siperstein Dermatology Group is the only private practice in Florida, and the entire Southeast United States, that is able to employ the DermaGraphix and artificial intelligence technology. DermaGraphix is the most innovative mole mapping system available and helps dermatologists to more easily spot new moles and track changes to patients’ moles – one of the possible signs of melanoma.

“Melanoma, when found early, is curable. However, if detection is delayed, it can be fatal,” said Robyn Siperstein, medical doctor and founder of Siperstein Dermatology Group. “Baseline mole mapping and AI analysis not only helps to detect melanoma much earlier, but has also been found in studies to reduce the number of biopsies needed.”

DermaGraphix mole mapping and tracking analysis uses a high-resolution, professional, digital SLR camera, advanced software and whole body photography to map a patient’s entire skin surface, creating a photographic baseline. Artificial intelligence is then utilized as a way to accurately identify any change in the size, color and shape of lesions, as well as document any new lesions. In addition, this system has an attached dermatoscope, which allows dermatologists to visualize and photograph individual moles using magnification and polarized light to better detect subtle changes in these moles and patterns that could be consistent with melanomas. 

“Mole mapping is used in most of the melanoma clinics in university hospitals and cancer centers,” said Thomas Bialoglow of Canfield Scientific, the leading supplier of medical photographic equipment, software and computer systems for patient imaging in medicine and research. “The powerful DermaGraphix system, which is in use at , is now only available at a few private practices in the United States.”

Patients can take advantage of the DermaGraphix digital mole mapping and artificial intelligence tracking analysis by calling (561) 364-7774 or visiting to make an appointment.