Seeing The Light With New Anti-Aging Treatments

anti-aging treatments

We have all been warned throughout the years of the damaging and aging effects of UV light. However, as science and technology has developed, we have realized that not all light is bad! We are starting to see the light (literally) on innovative procedures in the dermatological arena. Some types of light can actually be used as anti-aging treatments — making our skin younger and healthier. We can use certain types of light to remove brown spots and build collagen. Other types of light can be used to treat precancerous growths.

How UV Affects Our Skin

Ultraviolet (UV) light in our sun’s rays, while not visible to us, damages our skin cells by altering our DNA. UV light can be responsible for aging our skin, creating wrinkles, brown sunspots, precancerous growths and even skin cancers.

Therefore, it may come as a surprise that there are other types of light that can help reduce these problems. These treatments are called phototherapy, photorejuvination, photofacials, photodynamic therapy, and now there is forever young BBL. These treatments use light above the wavelength of UV light to reverse the damage.

Phototherapy Anti-Aging Treatments

before-after-forever-young-bblIntense pulsed light (IPL) or broad band light (BBL) is a type of phototherapy that uses a range of wavelengths to treat uneven pigmentation, broken blood vessels, and large pores. On average, it takes three treatments to achieve the desired results, though new research shows continual treatment, after the outside damage has been corrected, continues to reverse the signs of aging by stimulating new collagen growth (see pictures above). After each treatment the face will be pink (feels similar to a sunburn) for about 1-2 hours, but makeup can be applied immediately to cover this. The brown spots will darken and crust, eventually flaking off over the course of 1-2 weeks, while the red spots will either disappear or turn purple before they fade away.

Photo Dynamic Therapy Anti-Aging Treatments

Another treatment option called photodynamic therapy involves applying a photosensitizing agent such as aminolevulonic acid (ALA) to the face for about an hour and then using a blue light treatment to activate it. This treatment can help with anything from acne to precancers called actinic keratosis and needs to be done under the supervision of a physician. After this treatment, it will feel as if you had a sunburn and the precancerous lesions will start to crust and flake off over one week. Several treatments may be needed, though on average, each treatment removes 70-85% of visible precancers.

Something To Bare In Mind After Treatment

No matter how perfect the results of the treatments above might be, if someone who had these treatments went out into the sun without proper sun protection, the spots and damage would ultimately return. Therefore, continued sun protection including the use of sunblock and sun protective clothing is just as important as these treatments in skin rejuvenation.

Looking young and feeling healthy is important for both men and women. Thanks to modern advancements in anti-aging treatments, we now all have the ability to look and feel our best with minimal cost and downtime. Come explore your options with our talented professionals – book your complimentary cosmetic consultation or full body skin check today with Siperstein Dermatology Group by calling our Boca Raton office (561) 955-8885 or the Boynton Beach office (561) 364-7774.