Dr. Siperstein Studies New Treatment for Forearm Bruising

Senile Purpura Treatment - Before and After Images

If you suffer from bruising on your forearms and are tired of solutions that don’t seem to work, there is a new treatment option for you!


Senile purpura is a common condition characterized by recurrent bruising generally in patients in their 50s or older. Most often, these red, blue or purple, irregularly-shaped discolorations appear on areas that are prone to trauma, such as forearms and shins. 


This condition is very common and affects roughly 10% of people over the age of 50. Risk factors include chronic sun damage and fair complexion. Those who are on blood thinners, both prescription and over -the-counter medications, are more prone to developing purpura. 

Typically, the most common treatment is avoiding the sun, topical retinoids, moisturizing the skin, topical arnica, and oral supplements. However, until now, these treatments could not simultaneously minimize current bruising and prevent future bruising. 


Dr. Robyn Siperstein recently completed a study to assess the efficacy and safety of a protocol using intense pulsed light to improve the appearance of senile purport on subjects’ extensor forearms. 


Five subjects over 65 years of age with at least one bruise on each forearm and five subjects under 35 years of age without any bruises were included in the study. They were all treated on one randomized forearm with a new intense pulsed light protocol for four weekly sessions. Skin biopsies were taken one day after the last of four weekly treatments. 


She found that the number of bruises on the treated arm were significantly reduced, as compared to the untreated arm after four weekly treatments. Additionally, all subjects with senile purpura had at least a 50% reduction in the total square area of their bruising on their treated arm. In addition, all signs of sun-damage such as brown spots improved drastically. There were no significant or long-lasting side effects, and all subjects reported satisfaction with the treatment, with a desire to continue treatments on their other (control) arm! 


Dr. Sip’s study found that this new intense pulsed light protocol is safe and effective in improving the clinical appearance of senile purpura, as well as preventing future lesions by improving the structure of the skin through increasing skin thickness and strength. 


Overall, the subjects tolerated the treatment very well, any adverse effects were minimal, and patient satisfaction was high! So if you suffer from bruising on your forearms and are tired of solutions that don’t seem to fix the issue, Dr. Siperstein and Siperstein Dermatology Group can help! 


Please schedule an appointment at either the Boca Raton or Boynton Beach location and the team will be happy to help you improve your skin’s appearance now and for the future.