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The one thing you can get into shape without exercising.

Great brows do not happen by chance…they happen by Beth Swire

Should you be banned from owning tweezers due to over-plucking? As we get older, our brows do not grow back like they did in the past. Many women have over waxed, over tweezed, or their hair has simply thinned with age. Filling in our brows every morning as part of our normal makeup routine can become a tedious task.

We have the answer for you here at Siperstein Dermatology Group. Beth Swire is a licensed permanent makeup artist. She has over 30 years of experience and has the utmost knowledge of color, artistry and technique. Beth offers microblading, one of the latest procedures for brows to make them appear fuller and natural.

The process is simple and takes about an hour. She applies numbing cream about 20 minutes before the treatment to keep you comfortable. She then styles your brows with an eyebrow pencil to ensure you are happy with the shape. The color of the pigment is custom blended to you. She uses the microblading pen to draw small, hair-like strokes of pigment in the eyebrow for the most natural look.

After any permanent makeup procedure, the treated area will appear larger and darker than the end result, which will be soft and fluffy looking. Beth also does eyeliner (top & bottom), eyelash enhancement, lip liner, lip color and areola re-pigmentation.

So, what are you waiting for? Call Beth directly at 561-699-9586 to schedule your complimentary consultation.