Coronavirus Protocols: How We’re Keeping Our Patients Safe

Boca Raton Dermatologist

Siperstein Dermatology Group team is committed to each patient’s safety, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. In an effort to take the very best care of our family of patients, and provide a safe working environment for our team members, we have put thorough and comprehensive safety protocols in place. 

In addition to other basic safety standards, we pre-screen all patients before they enter the office. If any patient shows signs of temperature/fever, is feeling ill, has a cough or headache, has a change in smell or taste, or has recently visited the hospital or emergency room, we ask that he/she reschedule his/her appointment for a later date, or take advantage of our telemedicine appointments. Team members are also required to have temperature checks prior to entering the building, as well as notify a supervisor if they are experiencing any symptoms. 

After pre-screening, a team member will escort the patient directly to an exam room whenever possible. If the patient does need to wait, he/she is invited to either wait in his/her car, outside the building, or in our waiting room, where chairs are placed six feet apart and are sanitized after each patient. There are also stickers on the floor placed six feet apart, as well as plexiglass screens between the team member and the patient, to ensure patients checking in and checking out have adequate social distancing. 

Everyone is asked to wear a mask at all times, including while receiving treatment (if possible) in the exam room. If a patient arrives without a mask, one will be immediately provided. Please note that masks with valves are not permitted. 

Upon entering the treatment room, the provider and medical assistant will wash their hands with either hand sanitizer or soap and water. In addition to wearing masks (N95 mask and surgical mask on top), they will also wear additional safety gear during any procedure with close contact to the patient’s face, including face shields, eye protection, gowns and gloves. 

Between every patient appointment, all surfaces in the exam room will be cleaned with sanitizer cloths or alcohol. Both our Boca Raton and Boynton Beach offices are sprayed at least weekly with an EPA-approved, organic COVID disinfectant spray that kills viruses and bacteria on all surfaces. This spray is applied using an electromagnetic sprayer, similar to what the airlines use, which helps to coat all surfaces and even hard-to-reach areas. 

For those patients who are at high risk, we offer Saturday appointments where patients can experience the same level of care from a board certified physician on a day with fewer team members and patient traffic. We are also offering virtual appointments for those patients who prefer to avoid visiting the office.

We will continue to provide excellent and high-quality care during this time, and are confident that our measures have created the safest environment possible for our patients and team.  Please feel free to reach out to Siperstein Dermatology Group at if you have any additional questions regarding our safety efforts. We look forward to seeing all of our patients either in the office, or via telemedicine appointments.