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The Benefits of Blue Light Therapy


Blue light treatment may be a concept that you are unfamiliar with, but the benefits that this treatment offers are very significant. This form of treatment is very specific, targeting superficial skin cancers and pre-cancerous skin lesions. If you have a lot of sun damage, blue light treatment may be the solution for you.

What Is Blue Light Treatment?

Blue light therapy is also referred to as photodynamic treatment, and is generally a quick process. It involves the topical application of a photosensitizing agent to the skin. The photosensitizing agent commonly used is aminolevulinic acid (ALA), which is specifically absorbed by precancerous and cancerous cells that are more rapidly dividing. When exposed to a certain type of light, the ALA kills nearby cells, producing the desired outcome. Because it is only absorbed by rapidly dividing cells, normal skin is not harmed in this process.

How Does It Work?

benefits-of-blue-light-therapyBlue light treatment is usually performed on exposed areas that typically have more sun damage, such as the face, scalp and arms. The patient sits in the office for about 1-2 hours with the photosensitizing liquid applied to the skin, to allow it to be absorbed into precancerous and cancerous cells. After the incubation, the target area/tissue is then exposed to a specific wavelength of blue light for about 15 minutes, which activates the medication. The patient is provided with cool air during this process to minimize any discomfort.

What Happens After The Treatment?

After the treatment, you must leave the office with sunscreen and a hat. skin will feel similar to a sunburn, and you should avoid sunlight and other bright light for 48 hours. Other side effects can include redness, swelling, and blistering. The precancerous lesion will scab/crust and flake off over the next couple weeks. Multiple treatments may be necessary, depending on skin type and the number of precancerous lesions. In addition, annual or biannual maintenance treatments may be required. Once the area is healed after the blue light treatment, it will be re-examined to see if additional treatments are necessary.

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