When should I take my child to the dermatologist?

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Parenthood comes with daily questions about how best to care for your child.  From potty training, to extracurricular activities, being a parent is playing a constant game of “whens,” and this is no different when it comes to your child’s health. It can feel overwhelming, but we are here to help!


When considering skincare, parents should think about: 


  1. What do I need to be on the lookout for at home in regard to my child’s skin?
  2. When do I need to make an appointment for my child to see the dermatologist?
  3. How much should I worry about sun exposure and risk of melanoma?


Our board certified dermatologists are warm and welcoming to young patients.  We provide children with unparalleled care and parents with support to keep their child healthy. 

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What You Can Do Now

Establish good routines with your children. Educate them to wash and moisturize their skin daily. Start early with sun protective behaviors, such as daily sunscreen and sun protective clothing, like long sleeve rash guards and hats.  Encourage your child to share with you any changes he/she notices on his/her skin, which could include moles, rashes or acne. 


Moles are common in children, but if a mole grows out of proportion to the child’s growth, bleeds, or  changes shape or color, it’s time to visit the dermatologist. It’s a great idea for both kids and adults to monitor and track any changes in moles, as those changes may be a sign of skin cancer.  


Rashes are also very common in children, and could be due to a change in weather, after experiencing a cold/virus, or a due to a family history of dry, sensitive skin. If your child’s skin becomes very itchy, red or dry, and remains that way for a few weeks, it’s a good time to visit the dermatologist. If you feel your child might be experiencing eczema, a consultation with a dermatologist is a great way for your child to start experiencing some relief! 


Acne is a common reason for a visit to your dermatologist. It is important to treat acne early to improve your child’s self confidence and prevent scarring, which can last into adulthood. While most children want immediate relief (and who wouldn’t!), it can often take time to find a routine that works best for his/her skin type, which is why partnering with an expert dermatologist is so important. 

Siperstein Dermatology Children Dermatologist

What age is best to establish with a dermatologist? 

While there is no specific consensus on the age to visit a dermatologist, living in Florida requires educating your children about the importance of yearly visits with your dermatologist for skin exams.  This is also a great time to establish a baseline of your child’s moles and overall skin characteristics, as well as begin the conversation about safe skincare practices including cleansing, moisturizing and sunscreen use. If you have a history of skin cancer or melanoma in your family, or your child has a significant number of moles, an initial screening can be helpful and lifesaving. While melanoma and other types of skin cancer are extremely unlikely in children, education and prevention of UV damage must start in childhood. It’s never too soon for children to establish a healthy and sun-safe skincare routine and learn how to protect their skin!


If you or your child has a skin concern, or you want to start establishing good skincare routines, please reach out to us! The majority of our dermatologists are parents, too, and know just how important it is to partner with a provider who cares, listens and provides a comfortable and long-lasting relationship.