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PCA Pigment Bar



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Discoloration or uneven skin tone is a big problem for skin of all ages, especially Florida skin. It can be a difficult problem to fix, and often patients attack the condition with aggressive at home scrubbing or exfoliation techniques which can actually make the situation worse. Gentle and effective treatments like our PCA Pigment bar are definitely the place to start! The PCA Pigment Bar is formulated to calm the skin and promote bright, even skin tone.


To use the PCA Pigment Bar, you moisten the sponges included with the product, cleanse the face (or body, neck, etc) and then allow the product to remain on the skin for 2 minutes before rinsing.


The active ingredients of the Pigment Bar are Azelaic and Kojic acid for even skin tone and Niacinamide a form of Vitamin B for hydration.