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Hydratherapy Facials 101

Everyone loves to be pampered, especially when you can achieve radiant skin results. If you are tuned into the Hollywood buzz you may have already heard about the incredible facial that promises an exfoliating, moisturizing, results-driven experience – the Hydratherapy Facial. From unclogging pores to giving you that Hollywood glow, this treatment is flexible enough for every skin type, and it actually works! Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about the Hydratherapy Facial:

What Tools Are Used During Treatment?

The Hydratherapy Facial tools consist of the Hydratherapy Facial machine itself, and a sterilized tip for the machine. A warm cloth is used to clean the face and we perform a Glycolic peel and use a comedone extractor for whitehead, milia, or blackhead extractions.

Are Hydratherapy Facials Actually Good For Your Skin Or Can They Do Harm?

Hydratherapy Facials are good for the skin. They exfoliate the skin in a way we cannot do manually, and they also hydrate the skin simultaneously. Thus, revealing clean, clear, glowing skin.

How Often Should You Get This Done?

We recommend treatments once per month, but this can be tailored to any budget and may change based on your skin type.

What Results Should I Expect And How Long Will They Last?

You can expect a brighter, fresher appearance post treatment, which can last 1-2 weeks.

What Do I Need To Do After Treatment To Prolong Positive Effects?

A good skin care regimen of cleansing, moisturizing, and sunscreen daily is very important. Any time you are exfoliating, revealing the bright, fresh skin underneath, sunscreen is necessary for protection.

Does It Hurt?

The Hydratherapy Facial is not painful at all!

Is It Safe For Sensitive Skin?

Hydratherapy Facial is safe for sensitive skin because the machine is highly adjustable to suit all skin types. We can adjust the machine’s suction level to accommodate all patients, and we can change certain light peels that we perform based on your skin type.

Does It Help Acne And Acne Prone Skin?

Hydratherapy Facials are great for acne because the suction of the machine cleans pores of dirt and debris. At the same time, it also infuses acne eliminating products like Salicylic Acid.

Does This Help With Acne Scarring?

The Hydratherapy Facial is not a treatment for acne scarring, but it does keep future acne at bay.

Can You Have This Treatment If You Are On Isotretinoin?

Yes, you can have a Hydratherapy Facial when you are on Isotretinon/Accutane, the treatment can be adapted to Isotretinoin patient’s more sensitive skin.

What Are The Side Effects Of The Treatment?

Side effects can be pinkness and the occasional irritated blood vessel, but most people leave glowing.

Do I Need To Do Anything Specific After Treatment?

As an esthetician, I advise my patients to be gentle when cleansing their face for the first time post treatment. I usually advise no harsh chemicals or Retin A for 1-2 days post treatment.

What Age Group Benefits Most From This Treatment?

All age groups benefit from a deep cleansing Hydratherapy Facial.

Is It Good For Wrinkles?

The Hydratherapy Facial infuses hydration into the skin and can improve the appearance of wrinkles temporarily, but it is not a “wrinkle treatment”.

Is This A Once Off Treatment, Or Do I Need Multiple Treatments?

Results of exfoliated, hydrated, fresh skin are apparent after each treatment. However, patients who get treatment regularly can maintain a fresher complexion, and acne patients have a diminished chance for serious breakouts.

I Have Pigmentation On My Face, Will Hydratherapy Facials Help Or Worsen It?

Hydratherapy Facials do not improve pigmentation and it will not worsen pigmentation. It is not a treatment for this condition.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment takes 30-45 minutes, depending on any peels or extractions performed by the individual esthetician.

What Do I Do To Prepare My Face Before Treatment?

Thorough removal of makeup is helpful prior to treatment.

Do Hydratherapy Facials Work Better On Certain Skin Types And Complexions Than Others?

Hydratherapy Facials are effective on all patients.

What Ingredients Are In Hydratherapy Facials?

Peptides, antioxidants, and Salicylic Acid are some of the ingredients in Hydratherapy Facials.

Are Hydratherapy Facials Organic?

Hydratherapy Facials are not organic. Chemicals like Salicylic acid can be used with the Hydratherapy Facials machine. However, we can substitute more gentle ingredients for a pregnant, extremely sensitive, or allergic patient when needed.

Can I Use DIY Facemasks And Face Mask Sheets After Treatment?

DIY face masks can be used if desired, however, I recommend waiting 2-3 days post treatment.

Will I Break Out After Treatment?

Some patients can break out after any facial treatment or change in skincare routine. It is not the norm with a Hydratherapy Facial treatment.

Can Men Get Hydratherapy Facials?

Men can absolutely get and enjoy Hydratherapy Facials! It is important that they shave closely in order for the whole face to be treated, or for patients with beards, a Hydratherapy Facial can be done on a partial face.

Should I Wear Aftershave After Treatment?

I recommend skipping after shave for 24 hours post treatment.

Should I Stop Wearing Make Up After Treatment For A Few Days?

Makeup can be applied after Hydratherapy Facials, but most patients like to enjoy the glow post treatment

Is It Expensive?

Hydratherapy Facials at our practice are $155.00 for 30 minutes, $175.00 for 45 minutes. Investing in a good treatment regimen will ensure that your skin keeps getting better. Get your glowing skin with a Hydratherapy Facial today! Call Siperstein Dermatology Group to schedule an appointment or a free consultation at (561)-364-7774.