Firm Your Skin From Your Ears to Your Knees

Dr Robyn Siperstein
Reading Time: 1 minute

Not just our face becomes loose and saggy over time due to loss of skin elasticity and collagen – the skin on our ears and legs can do the same. Both of these areas are weight-bearing, as knees have to support our body weight and also bend and stretch often while ears can get stretched due to heavy earrings. Along with the normal aging process and sun damage, most people get loose fallen skin in these areas. The good news is there are ways to create new collagen. The topical use of tretinoin, retinol, peptides, and ceramides will help hydrate and build collagen. Our Siperstein Retinol Body Cream every night will stimulate your body to create thicker firmer skin and remove the fish scale look that dry skin can have. If topical treatments aren’t enough, there are new stimulating sutures that can be inserted every 4 weeks to build collagen from the inside out. Finally, for extreme cases that don’t respond to any non-invasive procedures, there is always surgery to cut out the excess skin, however surgery can leave a small scar.